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The Dangers of Yoga for Sport and Psychotherapy: Yoga as the Greatest form of Straying or Falling into an Abyss


Theology of sport

To Milos Soskic

The motto of the Olympic games Citus, altius, fortius – faster, higher, stronger, in practice comes down to athleti success, which in an athlete suppresses and blunts a healthy yearning for perfection witnih man-God Christ (or witnih the religion to which and individual belongs); rather it strips the athlete down to ambition (=drive for success), longing to win at any cost, including various forms of misuse. This noble challenge, a motto, is pervertedat competitions into anirreconcilable opposite to the basic principles of athletic life and it's spiritual-corporalnature, and removes the athlete from the precious gift of life, it's freedom and care. Sport is stripped down to material, impersonalscope, into „meat“, athletic success, and it thus fallsinto an unavoidable abyss and self-deception: doping, intoxicants, magic, neopolytheism, satyriasis, nymphomania, sodomy, and the biggest and most harmful danger sport - yoga, which is considered permissible as supplementary practice, and even as an aid in psychotherapy. All of these forms of misuse in sport, particularly yoga, are not only deviations, but also criminal acts, which turn the athletic successes themsleves into lies and cheating.

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