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Yasar Kiran, Ahmet Sahin, Ismail Türkoglu, Murat Kursat and Ifran Emre

Karyology of Seven Trifolium L. Taxa Growing in Turkey

The paper reports karyomorphometric features and somatic chromosome numbers for seven Trifolium L. taxa. Three basic chromosome numbers are identified (x=5, 7, 8). Trifolium speciosum Willd. and Trifolium physodes Stev. ex Bieb. var. physodes have somatic chromosome number 2n=16; Trifolium campestre Schreb., Trifolium pratense L. var. americanum Harz and Trifolium sylvaticum Gerard ex Lois. have 2n=14; Trifolium bocconei Savi has 2n=10; and Trifolium repens L. var. repens is tetraploid 2n=32. All chromosomes have the centromeres at the median point (M) or median region (m) except for one chromosome of Trifolium sylvaticum Gerard ex Lois, which is submetacentric (sm). The only satellite observed was in the genome of Trifolium bocconei Savi.