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Comparative analysis of Dendrocometes paradoxus Stein, 1852 cell morphology from various gammarid amphipod species in different regions of Ukraine, and those attached to several host body parts of Hyalella azteca collected in two Mexican lakes, was carried out in order to demonstrate the morphological variability, due to the hosts species or their geographical distribution. For hosts species and corporal distribution, no significant differences between the two populations were shown. As the result, it was found the suctorians common for amphipod crustaceans from Ukraine and Mexico all are conspecific and belong to D. paradoxus.

New Finds of Tokophrya Wenzeli (Ciliophora, Suctorea), a Commensal of Water Mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia), and the Redescription of the Species

The article deals with investigations of suctorian species Tokophrya wenzeli Matthes et Stiebler, 1970 which was observed in waterbodies of Ukraine, Poland and Macedonia. New observations permit to precise the morphology of tentacles and show the variability of such sufficient characters of the species as morphology of basal plate, stalk and actinophores. The redescription of the species is also presented.


Spatial Variation of the Land Snail Brephulopsis cylindrica (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Enidae): a Fractal Approach. Kramarenko, S. S., Dovgal, I. V. - Th e results of investigations of intrapopulation patterns in the land snail Brephulopsis cylindrica (Menke, 1828) variation are discussed in the article. Th e self-similar intrapopulational groups (demes) with sets of random (chaotic) and ranked (clinal) patterns of morphological characters were observed. It is argued that the self-similar elements lead to the formation of spatial variability patterns with distinct fractal nature. Thus the relative roles both of the random and the regular components can be detected for separate characters according to the degrees of nearness or remoteness of fractal dimension to 2.0.