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Interrelations Between Different Forms of Group Variability of Quantitative Traits in Microtus socialis (Cricetidae, Mammalia) in the Peak Phase of Population Abundance. Peskov V. N., Sinyavskaya I. A., Emelyanov I. G.- The amount of input and the interrelation of various forms of group variability of quantitative traits in general morphological disparity of M. socialis in the peak phase of the population abundance was studied. It was found that the variability of 4 exterior and 11 interior traits are determined primarily by the age of the animals, whereas the influence of sex and the season is very low. With ageing, the intensity of sexual differences and seasonal variability increase. The correlated variability of morphological traits was almost the same (Rs = 0.820-0.98) in males and females during different seasons.