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Gheorghe Duca, Hong Xiao and Maria Nedealcov


Climate variability in decades requires detailed research aspect basin in order to take account of climate change attested, both in making various decisions applicative and at proper adaptation to these changes. Previous research results obtained in this section indicates that territory most vulnerable to climate change is largely located within the Danube basin within the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, the purpose of the proposed research in this paper was to record some changes in the current period and which are forecasts on thermal regime and precipitation in the scale time 2016-2035.

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Cheng-kang Xu, Xiao-hong Wang and Shuang-bo Tang

Effects of DI-(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate on Rat Ovarian Function

This study aimed to evaluate the effects of di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) on estrous cycle, sex hormone levels and ovary histological features. A total of 80 female SD rats were randomly divided into 8 groups (n=10 per group): short-course control group, short-course low-dose group, short-course medium-dose group, and short-course high-dose group, long-course control group, long-course low-dose group, long-course medium-dose group and long-course high-dose group. Intragastrical DEHP was administrated at 1000 mg/kg/d (low dose), 2000 mg/kg/d (medium dose) and 3000 mg/kg/d (high dose) independently for 14 days (short course) or 28 days (long course). Rats in control groups were untreated. Vaginal smearing was used to detect the estrous cycle and rats were weighed at every Monday and Thursday to evaluate the growth status. At the end of study, rats were sacrificed and bilateral ovaries were obtained for histological examination. In addition, ELISA determined levels of serum progesterone, estradiol, testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. DEHP treatment limited body weight gain (p<0.05), prolonged the estrous cycle (p<0.05), decreased the ovarian mass index (p<0.05) and ovarian weight. No evident degeneration, necrosis or other pathological features were found in the ovaries. The testosterone levels were decreased by DEHP treatment in a dose dependent manner. DEHP treatment could increase serum testosterone level, inhibit ovulation and prolong the estrous cycle of rats, exerting reproductive toxicity in a dose dependent manner. We speculate DEHP can affect the endocrine regulatory function of the ovary and limit the body weight gain, resulting in chronic toxicity.

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Gheorghe Duca, Hong Xiao, Maria Nedealcov, Violeta Ivanov and Anatol Tarita


Current changes of the environment represent the major threats to the sustainable development and are one of the biggest problems, with negative consequences on the national economy. The accelerated pace of these changes is shareholder and by the manifestation of extreme events, which in recent years become more intense and frequent. The drought events frequent manifestation over the Republic of Moldova territory, in the context of climate change, requires a scientific monitoring adjusted.

The dry period’s manifestation is greatly conditioned by increasing daytime temperatures (above 25°C) and the lower relative humidity (below 30%). At present, on the background of climate change, there is an increase of dry days. Over the Republic of Moldova territory, their occurrence during growth and development of crops particularly damaging role in obtaining low yields. Meanwhile, prolonged dry periods, may possibly cause fires, at the same time can determine lands’ irrigation and surface water quality.

In this context, there is a need to estimate the evaporation’s spatial and temporal variability, the number of dry days and their correlation to Dry Periods Index (Izu), the index developed at regional level.

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Zhong-ying Bao, Xiao Ming, Xiao-dong Yuan and Shu-hong Duan


The data of 35 246 patients with intestinal diseases were retrospectively analyzed, 28 cases of cholera patients were screened in 17 years, of which 23 cases had suspicious unclean food history, 10 cases were migrant workers, 8 cases had history of coastal city tour in one week. All of the 28 patients were positive for Vibrio cholerae culture, 19 cases were identified as O1 serotype Ogawa and 6 were identified as O1 serotype Inaba, 3 were identified as O139. Twenty-three patients were mild, five cases were moderate, patients with severe diseases were not found. It was found in this study that O1 serotype Vibrio cholerae was still dominant, 82% of cholera patients were mild cases. Tourists who had a incompletely heated seafood intake history and migrant people are susceptible to cholera.

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Hong Cao, Yuansong Zhang, Jianqing Zai, Honggang Lai, Yunsheng Jiang, Huan Xiao and Yan Han

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Hui Liu, Xiao Xiao, Chun-Mei Lu, Dong-Lan Ling and Rui-Hong Wei



Mobile health (mHealth) provides an innovative and effective approach to promote prevention and management of coronary heart disease. However, the magnitude of its effects is unclear. The aim of this systematic review was to examine the impact of mHealth-based cardiac rehabilitation outcomes among coronary heart disease patients.


Medline, CINAHL, Embase, PubMed, Google Scholar, NICE, and Cochrane library were searched for randomized controlled trials published between January 2002 and March 2017 which compared mHealth with conventional cardiac rehabilitation programs among coronary heart disease patients.


Eight articles were included in this review. The impact of mHealth interventions on physical activity, medicine adherence, smoking cessation, level of anxiety, and quality of life was inconsistent among the articles.


Further research is needed to conclusively determine the impact of mHealth interventions on cardiac rehabilitation outcomes. The limitations of the included studies (e.g., inadequate sample size, failure to address the core components of cardiac rehabilitation programs, and lack of theory-based design) should be taken into account when designing future studies.

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Wang Hong, Qi-Sheng Liang, Lan-Ren Cheng, Xiao-Hong Li, Fu Wei, Wen-Tao Dai and Shi-Tong Li


Background: Rocuronium is an alternative to succinylcholine for rapid tracheal intubation after major thermal injury and other forms of critical illness that cause denervation changes in skeletal muscle. Rocuronium may decrease the potencies of non-depolarizing muscle relaxants.

Objectives: Examine whether potency of rocuronium changed during the first month after denervation, and investigate the effects of skeletal muscle denervation on potency of rocuronium.

Methods: The denervation mouse model was developed to create denervated individual cells from the flexor digitorum brevis of the hindfoot. The skeletal muscle cells were examined at day 0 in the innervated control and days 1, 4, 7, 14, 21, and 28 in the denervation group. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the cells were activated with 30 M acetylcholine, alone or in combination with various concentrations of rocuronium. Currents were recorded with a whole-cell patch-clamp technique.

Results: Rocuronium reversibly inhibited acetylcholine-activated currents in a dose-dependent fashion at different times after denervation. The inhibition concentration for the half-maximal responses of rocuronium increased 1.2- (p >0.05), 1.8-, 2.8-, 2.3-, 2.1-, and 1.9-fold (p <0.01) at day 1, 4, 7, 14, 21, and 28 after denervation, respectively, compared to that at day 0 after denervation.

Conclusion: Rocuronium dose required to achieve satisfactory clinical effects changed at different durations after skeletal muscle denervation.

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Si Chen, Xue-pei Zhang, Hong-xia Chen and Xiao-ping Gao


The present work has reported the compression properties of polyurethane-based warp-knitted spacer fabric composites (PWSF). In order to investigate the effect of structural parameters of fabric on the compression performance of composites, a series of warp-knitted spacer fabrics (WSF) with different structural parameters including spacer yarn inclination angle, thickness, fineness of spacer yarns, and outer layer structure have been involved. The produced composites have been characterized for compression properties. The energy-absorption performance during the compression process has been determined as a function of the efficiency and the compression stress obtained from compression tests. The results show that the composites based on spacer fabrics having smaller spacer yarns inclination angle, higher fabric thickness, finer spacer yarn, and larger mesh in outer layers perform better with respect to energy-absorption properties at lower stress level, whereas at higher stress level, the best energy-absorption abilities are obtained in case of spacer fabrics constructed of larger spacer yarn inclination angle, lower fabric thickness, coarser spacer yarn, and smaller mesh in surface layers.

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Wei Dai, Rong Zhou, Hong Yu and Xiao-juan Li


Objective To develop an effective and specific medicine targeting hepatitis B virus (HBV) pregenome. Based on the identified accessible target sites for hammerhead ribozyme in our previous researches, a recombinant hepatitis delta virus (HDV) ribozyme was chosen and used to demonstrate the effective cleavage in vitro and in vivo.

Methods Three hammerhead ribozymes for potential target sites (S, X and C genes) and co-expression plasmid (pTr-dB, pTdδ-dB, pTrX-dB and pTrC-dB) as well as four HDV-ribozyme chimera constructs with HBV (pTdXX, pTdXC, pTdSX and pTdSC) were severally chosen to validate the inhibition of the replication and expression of HBV. The co-expression plasmids (pTdδ and pTr-Db) in physiological saline were hydrodynamically injected to mice by tail vein.

Results Compared with the group injected with pTr-dB in Huh-7 cell, hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) was reduced by 31% in the group injected with pTdδ-dB, by 54%, 26%, 72% and 97% in the group injected with recombinant-ribozymes pTdSX, pTdSC, pTdXC and pTdXX, respectively. The inhibiting effects of endogenous ribozymes RzX and RzC on the HBsAg expression were 66% and 57%, respectively. Compared with the positive control, the amount of HBsAg was decreased in mice injected with pTdXX through tail vein by 88% and 96% on the second day and the third day, respectively. HBsAg was undetectable on the 6th day and could not primitively be detected on the 9th day in the sera from all mice. HBV DNA was not detected in the sera of BALB/c mice injected with pTdXX-dB, pTrX-dB or replicating-defective plasmid pHBV, while HBV DNA replication in control group could be detected on the 6th day. While HBcAg could not be detected in liver tissues of mice injected with plasmid pTdXX-dB on the 3rd day.

Conclusions Encoding regions of HBV S, C and X gene were the effective cleavage sites for hammerhead ribozyme in vitro and in vivo, which provides basis for further construction of therapeutic recombinant HDV and the development of targeting antiviral gene therapy.

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Andreas Lewander, Jinfang Gao, Gunnar Adell, Hong Zhang and Xiao-Feng Sun

Expression of NF-κB p65 phosphorylated at serine-536 in rectal cancer with or without preoperative radiotherapy

Background. In the present study, we investigated NF-κB p65 phosphorylated at Serine-536 (phosphor-Ser536-p65) in rectal cancer and its relationship to preoperative radiotherapy (RT), clinicopathological variables and biological factors.

Patients and methods. Expression of phosphor-Ser536-p65 was examined by using immunohistochemistry in 141 primary rectal cancers, 149 normal mucosa specimens and 48 metastases in the lymph nodes, from rectal cancer patients who participated in a Swedish clinical trial of preoperative RT.

Results. The expression of phosphor-Ser536-p65 in the cytoplasm increased from normal mucosa to primary tumour (p<0.0001, for both the group that did and the group that did not received RT). The expression did not further increase from primary tumour to metastasis in either group (p>0.05). Expression of phosphor-Ser536-p65 was positively related to, or tended to be related to, the expression of tumour endothelium marker 1 (TEM1, p=0.02), FXYD-3 (p=0.001), phosphatase of regenerating liver (PRL, p=0.02), p73 (p=0.048) and meningioma associated protein (MAC30, p=0.05) in the group that received RT but there were no such relationships in the group that did not received RT (p>0.05). The expression of phosphor-Ser536-p65 was not related to clinicopathological factors including survival (p>0.05).

Conclusions. The increased expression of phosphor-Ser536-p65 may be involved in rectal cancer development. After RT, phosphor-Ser536-p65 seems to be positively related to the biological factors, which associated with more malignant features of tumours. However, phosphor-Ser536-p65 was not directly related to the response of RT based on recurrence and survival.