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  • Author: Hanna Hnatova x
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This paper presents a new approach to the creation of innovative roads having sustainable energy efficient road pavement as their basis. It is a new type of intelligent roads that is able to service itself and provide power, i.e. it is also a renewable source of electricity. It is planned to use the studies on the PV panels in sustainable energy efficient road pavement to determine their load parameters. The work used the methods of mathematical analysis and theoretical electrophysics to carry out the studies on load characteristics of various types of silicon PV panels in order to define the most effective panels from the point of view of generated electrical energy load resistance values. The analysis of the obtained results of the experimental research has shown that in order to make the operation of PV panels of series FS-100M and FS-110P most efficient, their load must be maintained within 3–3.5 Ω range. If load resistance exceeds the specified limits, the work of PV panels of this series will be ineffective. The road having a sustainable energy efficient road pavement is able to track road conditions, traffic, weather conditions and react quickly to their changes. It is shown how road markings can change dependance on road conditions.