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Hakima Belattar and S. Himour


The hemostatic system is a complex balanced system that triggers clot formation to prevent blood loss after trauma. To block abnormal bleeding and maintain intravascular blood in a liquid state, in this study we investigated the possible anticoagulant effect of leaves and fruits extracts from some fig varieties grown in Algeria by determining the quick time (QT). The blood samples of the healthy individuals were used. For in vitro coagulation assays, the clotting times obtained in the presence of polyphenols in different extracts of F.carica samples indicate that they exert a high anticoagulant activity on the exogenous pathway of coagulation. Moreover, the polyphenolic extract of ‘Roudane’ variety presented a substantial increase in coagulation. Based on these preliminary results, it can be suggested that the fig polyphenolic extracts (FPE) of this varieties have anticoagulant activity that could be useful in preventing blood clots.