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Grzegorz Koszałka and Andrzej Niewczas

Prediction of IC Engine Power System Durability with the Use of Ring Pack Model

The paper presents the new method of engine life prediction, which bases on the results of wear measurements taken on an investigated engine and simulations carried out with the use of the analytical model of ring pack of the engine. In the contrary to traditional methods the proposed method does not require the prior knowledge of the limit wear value, which is essential for the prediction, however its reliable establishing for new engines is difficult. In the presented method its value is determined with the use of the ring pack model. The example of durability calculation for an automotive diesel engine is also presented.

Open access

Grzegorz Koszałka and Mirosław Guzik


This paper presents a mathematical model of piston-rings-cylinder sealing (TPC) of a combustion engine. The developed model is an itegrated model of gas flow through gaps in TPC unit, displacements and twisting motions of piston rings in ring grooves as well as generation of oil film between ring face surfaces and cylinder liner. Thermal deformations and wear of TPC unit elements as well as heat exchange between flowing gas and surrounding walls, were taken into account in the model. The paper contains descriptions of: assumptions used for developing the model, the model itself, its numerical solution as well as its computer application for carrying out simulation tests.