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Grzegorz Bieszczad and Mariusz Kastek

Measurement of Thermal Behavior of Detector Array Surface with the Use of Microscopic Thermal Camera

Modern infrared cameras are constructed with two main types of infrared detectors: photon detectors and thermal detectors. Because of economic reasons, vast numbers of modern thermal cameras are constructed with the use of infrared microbolometric detectors which belong to the group of thermal detectors. Thermal detectors detect incident infrared radiation by measuring changes of temperature on the surface of a special micro-bridge structure. Thermal detectors, like microbolometric detectors on one hand should be sensitive to changing temperature to accurately measure incoming infrared radiation from the observed scene, on the other hand there are many other phenomena that change the temperature of the detector and influence the overall response of the detector. In order to construct an accurate infrared camera, there is a need to evaluate these phenomena and quantify their influence. In the article the phenomenon of self heating due to the operation of the readout circuit is analyzed on an UL 03 19 1 detector. The theoretical analysis is compared with the results of conducted measurements. Measurements with a type SC7900VL thermographic camera were performed to measure the thermodynamic behavior of the UL 03 19 1 detector array.

Open access

Michał Krupiński, Grzegorz Bieszczad, Tomasz Sosnowski, Henryk Madura and Sławomir Gogler


In the article a non-uniformity correction method is presented which allows to compensate for the influence of detector’s temperature drift. For this purpose, dependency between output signal value and the temperature of the detector array was investigated. Additionally the influence of the temperature on the Offset and Gain coefficients was measured. Presented method utilizes estimated dependency between output signal of detectors and their temperature. In the presented method, the shutter is used for establishing signal reference. Thermoelectric cooler is used for changing the temperature of the detector array.