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Petruț Ionel Bistricean, Dumitru Mihăilă and Gina Lazurca Liliana


Bioclimatic research for the regionalization of Moldova west of the Prut River (hereinafter Moldova), focused on the use of various climate indexes, is scarce. Using 9 bioclimatic indexes (THI, Pr, Tpr, ISH, TEE, DI THOM, HUMIDEX, SSI and ISE) calculated based on statistical and cartographic methods, we identified, delineated and outlined the major characteristics of the three bioclimates of Moldova. Following our analysis, three bioclimatic regions were identified: the cold, wet and windy bioclimate, the comfortable bioclimate and the warm-dry and contrasting bioclimate. They fall broadly within the existing bioclimatic regionalization and provide new, complementary quantitative and qualitative information.