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Gerardo Acerenza


The aim of this study is to understand the strategies applied by the translator Piero Falchetta to translate into Italian the many expressions (dé)figées by Georges Perec into La Disparition. To satisfy the lipogram constraint on “E” chosen for the writing of La Disparition, Georges Perec has reinvented a large number of fixed expressions. For exemple, the french expression “être/se mettre sur son trente-et-un” was transformed by Perec into “mis sur son vingt-huit plus trois” (1989, 130). To respect the lipogram constraint, Perec proposes a rewriting of the expression which still allows French readers to recognize it and appreciate its originality. How did the translator Piero Falchetta translate these reinvented expressions into Italian? Has he put in place specific strategies to translate the sequences reinvented by Georges Perec into La Disparition?