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Georgiana-Daniela Badicu


Some people consider the massage a luxury and resort to it only in case of need. But given the pressures of fashionable society, and particularly by the increases in diseases caused by stress, such therapies should become an integral part of everyday life and should be recognized as a valuable component of preventive medicine. Since ancient times, people have searched for aids to cure or alienate their suffering in pain, using primary therapeutic properties of water, sunlight and movement.

Most likely is that the initial application of massage was instinctively result in immediate experience of its healing properties. Starting from the idea that massage can be both necessity and whim, we decided to identify how massage was and find an answer to the question: “Massage - fad or necessity?”

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Georgiana Daniela Badicu and Violeta State


Fast and continuous development of the low cost airlines is due to the low prices that have attracted more and more clients. These companies react to the market conditions and search to develop their operating fields towards areas with high potential. Low cost operators are very dynamic meaning that they continuously develop not only their network but also their price strategy. Competition in aerial transport is very tight especially because of low cost lines that attract customers with low charges for the consumers who do not want to invest a lot of money in a plane ticket.

Airlines industry in Europe is continuously adapted to the reality and conditions of the low cost airlines that consists of most European customers and constantly increase their market.