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Estimates of the Population Parameters and Exploitation Rate of Pontic Shad (Alosa Immaculata Bennett, 1835) in the Romanian Black Sea Coast


Sex ratio, morphometric characteristics, age and growth for Pontic shad from Romanian Black Sea Coast were examined. A total of 2.133 individuals were caught between March 2012 and September 2013. Female : male sex ratio was 0.62. According to the age reading, distribution varied form II to V year. The von Bertalanffy equation and growth performance index were determined by ESP software in Pontic shad. The asymptotic length (L∞ = L infinity) of Pontic shad generated by the ELEFAN I method, after introducing total length data for the two years of study, was 41.5. The natural mortality instantaneous coefficient (M) of the entire Pontic shad population, calculated according to Pauly’s empirical equation, using the growth parameters of the Von Bertalanffy formula and the mean annual temperature of the two study years of 13°C, recorded the following values: M = 0.585 in 2012 and M = 0.639 in 2013. According with the resultants, it is recommended to perform a sustainable fishing which allows the capture of legal-sized of fish.

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