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On-Line Signature Partitioning Using a Population Based Algorithm


The on-line signature is a biometric attribute which can be used for identity verification. It is a very useful characteristic because it is commonly accepted in societies across the world. However, the verification process using this particular biometric feature is a rather difficult one. Researchers working on identity verification involving the on-line signature might face various problems, including the different discriminative power of signature descriptors, the problem of a large number of descriptors, the problem of descriptor generation, etc. However, population-based algorithms (PBAs) can prove very useful when resolving these problems. Hence, we propose a new method for on-line signature partitioning using a PBA in order to improve the verification process effectiveness. Our method uses the Differential Evolution algorithm with a properly defined evaluation function for creating the most characteristic partitions of the dynamic signature. We present simulation results of the proposed method for the BioSecure DS2 database distributed by the BioSecure Association.

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