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G.-S. Ham, S.-H. Kim, J.-Y. Park and K.-A. Lee


This study investigated the high temperature oxidation property of SiC coated layer fabricated by aerosol deposition process. SiC coated layer could be successfully manufactured by using pure SiC powders and aerosol deposition on the Zr based alloy in an optimal process condition. The thickness of manufactured SiC coated layer was measured about 5 μm, and coating layer represented high density structure. SiC coated layer consisted of α-SiC and β-SiC phases, the same as the initial powder. The initial powder was shown to have been crushed to the extent and was deposited in the form of extremely fine particles. To examine the high temperature oxidation properties, oxidized weight gain was obtained for one hour at 1000°C by using TGA. The SiC coated layer showed superior oxidation resistance property than that of Zr alloy (substrate). The high temperature oxidation mechanism of SiC coated layer on Zr alloy was suggested. And then, the application of aerosol deposited SiC coated layer was also discussed.