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  • Author: Florin Cristian Marin x
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Influence of Different Storage Methods on Apples Chemical Proprieties


The objective of preservation is to keep fruit fresh as long as possible after harvesting, without major physical, chemical or biological changes in their composition. The experimental factors underlying it the organization scheme are: A Factor - apple varieties: ‘Idared’, ‘Goldrush’, ‘Florina’, ‘Pinova’, ‘Dalinette’, ‘Golden reinderes‘,‘Golden lassa‘,‘Ariane‘; B factor - storage methods, with three graduations: classical method - low temperature and high humidity (1-4ºC; humidity 85-90%), Janny MT box storage method (1-4 ºC; 95-100% humidity; O2 1-3%; CO2 2-5%), fruit control equipment box-pallets (1- 4ºC; 90-95% humidity; O2 1-3%; CO2 2-5%) and factor C - fruit storage period -at 3, 4 and 5 months after harvest respectively. On the average of the cultivars taken in the study, on observe the tendency to increase the total dry mater and total sugar content, and decrease the total tritrable acidity and vitamin C with the prolongation of the fruit storage period.

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