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Study of Orthoptera and earwigs was conducted in Tovačov gravel pit in 2014. We have recorded 18 species of Orthoptera and 3 species of earwigs. The most significant recorded species are Cepero’s ground-hopper (Tetrix ceperoi), pygmy mole cricket (Xya variegata), Italian tree cricket (Oecanthus pellucens) and riparian earwig (Labidura riparia). Tovačov gravel pit poses the northernmost locality of T. ceperoi and X. variegata in the Czech Republic and the northernmost known locality in Moravia for O. pellucens. For the L. riparia, we present a founding from Tovačov together with another finding from Olomouc vicinity, which is currently the northernmost locality within Moravia. Our findings display recent spatial expansion of some thermophilous species. Moreover, we emphasize importance of (post)-industrial areas as secondary habitats for specialised endangered species.


This paper is focused on the fauna of beetles from the Borek u Domašova Nature Reserve (NR) in the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains. Altogether 257 species of beetles belonging to 45 families were recorded during an entomological survey in 2011 and 2012. We found out valuable assemblages of beetles, especially a community of saproxylic beetles which is of high bioindicative value. Recorded were boreo-montane or relict species of natural old-growth forests such as Ceruchus chrysomelinus, Curimus erichsoni, Danosoma fasciata, Dendrophagus crenatus, Elateroides flabellicornis, Hylis foveicollis, Melandrya barbata etc. We propose the following management measures, necessary for the preservation of populations of the threatened species of the Borek u Domašova NR. A non-action strategy seems to be the most appropriate management by means of avoiding the removal of fallen and dead trees from the forest. On the contrary, the structure of the forest should be enriched with fir seedlings, planted and protected from the damage caused by deer. We also recommend to enlarging the area of the NR in the near future.