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Hyo-Seob Kim, Fikret Yilmaz, Peyala Dharmaiah, Dong-Jin Lee, Tae-Haeng Lee and Soon-Jik Hong


In the present work, Cu and Ni nanofluids were synthesized using the pulsed wire evaporation (PWE) method in the different aqueous medias, namely (ethanol and ethylene glycol), and the effects of the aqueous media on the dispersion state, stability, and particle size of nanoparticles were studied. The size and morphology of synthesized nano-particles were investigated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Also, the dispersion stability of the nanofluids was evaluated by turbiscan analysis. The TEM results showed that the nano-particles were spherical in shape, and the average particle size was below 100 nm. The average particle size of the Cu nano-particles was smaller than that of Ni, which was attributed to a difference in the specific sublimation energy of the elements. Moreover, ethylene glycol (EG) exhibited higher suspension stability than ethanol. Finally, the dispersion stability of Cu@EG displayed the highest value due to lower particle size and greater viscosity.