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  • Author: Farrukh Jamal x
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Generalizing distributions is important for applied statisticians and recent literature has suggested several ways of extending well-known distributions. We propose a new class of distributions called the Marshall-Olkin Burr X family, which yields exible shapes for its density such as symmetrical, left-skewed, right-skewed and reversed-J shaped, and can have increasing, decreasing,constant, bathtub and upside-down bathtub hazard rates shaped. Some of its structural properties including quantile and generating functions, ordinary and incomplete moments, and mean deviations are obtained. One special model of this family, the Marshall- Olkin-Burr-Lomax distribution, is investigated in details. We also derive the density of the order statistics. The model parameters are estimated by the maximum likelihood method. For illustrative purposes, three applications to real life data are presented.


In this paper, we introduce a new extended generalized Burr III family of distributions in the so- called T-Burr III {Y} family by using the quantile functions of a few popular distributions. We derive the general mathematical properties of this extended family including explicit expressions for the quantile function, Shannon entropy, moments and mean deviations. Three new Burr III sub-families are then investigated, and four new extended Burr III models are discussed. The density of Burr III extended distributions can be symmetric, left-skewed, right-skewed or reversed-J shaped, and the hazard rate shapes can be increasing, decreasing, bathtub and upside-down bathtub. The potentiality of the newly generated distributions is demonstrated through applications to censored and complete data sets.