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Researches Concerning the Influence of Technological Links on Dendrometric Parameters to Paulownia Ssp.


Paulownia ssp., in its places of origin, has been cultivated for over 2600 years and used as protection curtains against sand storms or floods, studies of how this species was exploited only fifty years ago in time what genetic research has only been affected in the last thirty years. The fundamental purpose of experimentation was to check the influence of different technological links (planting density and fertilization scheme), not only on the weight of the wood and the technological characteristics of the wood obtained, but also on the total biomass accumulation. The objectives of the research were: a) stems diameter increase, measured at 100 cm height from the soil surface, maintaining the harvest variant at 4 years; b) increasing of biomass accumulation. In all experimental variants, it is noted that the plants recorded higher values of the different variables analyzed (diameter at the base, normal diameter and total height), when the fertilization factor also intervenes. In the same way, when a higher fertilization was applied, higher values of the dendrometric indicators are obtained compared to the experimental variants that did not benefit from the supplementation of nutrients, suggesting that the most important risk factor in Paulownia plantations is the planting density and the fertilization element.

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