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  • Author: Eusebio A. Manolache x
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The current area of military actions is different from that of the last century and constantly changing. Peace support operations are current and dominate the future actions. Therefore, attention is turning to this type of military operations, and the physical and material resources allocated are progressively increasing. Although they are operations conducted in order to achieve the peace, troops continue to face opponents with different goals and ways of thinking. Thus comes the necessity of using force to restore the security climate. The mission in Afghanistan that lasted long time enough, showed why military interventions are needed to redress the conflicts and enforce the peace. In this respect, to act as expected, the military must be provided with effective protective measures. Several areas of action were equipped with advanced systems that prevent enemy actions to alter the life and health of the military. These measures should be continuously updated, since the environment is constantly changing and the challenges are always different.