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Approaching to the maturity the adolescent population are living in continuous process of changes. They are faced with intermediated contact of the surroundings. As a consequence, the support of the social environment is necessary for the healthy development of the personality.

The aim of this research is to investigate the relationship between the psychological support system and psychosomatic tendencies among adolescents named as “generation Z” in our country. The sample is composed of 106 (Nm=81, Nf=25) participants that accepted and filled in the on-line questionnaires. The students, especially those studying art and social and humanistic sciences, were more interested in participating in the research.

Two psychological instruments (BOL-110 and HI test form the KON-6 battery) via Google form were applied.

Based on the results gained from the complex interplay of the basic supports (Proactivity, Body, Thinking, Belonging) with psychosomatics, among generation Z, we have figured out three profiles of personality: a) healthy, b) with high tendencies to psychosomatics and c) with high tendencies to develop severe mental health disorders. The suggestions how to sustain health are final recommendations of this work.