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  • Author: Eliza Ștefania Tănasie x
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The Study of the Drinking Water Quality from the Local Sources, Busu Village, Dolj County and of the Physical and Chemical Determinations


In the present paper, the authors refer to a study carried out in the village of Greceşti, Busu village, Dolj County, on the quality of drinking water from local sources (wells, wells and wells) and the comparison of these results with the limit values allowed by the legislation in force, namely Law 458/2002 and Law 311/2004, as well as the Water Framework Directive and the Groundwater Directive 118/2006 / EC. Organoleptic indicators, physical and chemical indicators from 10 distinct locations as source of harvested water were determined, where organoleptic indicators were determined by determination of taste and odour; physical indicators, determining the pH, colour, turbidity and total hardness; chemical indicators: ammonium, chlorides, oxidisability, nitrites. The determinations were made in the faculty’s agro-chemistry laboratory, using appropriate methods and equipment. Following the results, the causes leading to the results were established and a series of conclusions and recommendations were drafted.

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