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Elena Yurshevich and Irina Yatskiv

Consideration of the Aspects of the Transportation Systems Microscopic Model Application as Part of a Decision Support System

The article presents the experience in using decision support system (DSS) when managing urban transport system (UTS) and a possibility of using microscopic modelling as an integral part of the decision-support system (DSS) when managing the urban TS. To illustrate the problem and a possible DSS-based solution, an example of a specific project has been examined, where microscopic modelling was used for the analysis of possible reconstruction of a transport system (TS) fragment in the city of Riga, - which was performed in 2010 in the laboratory of applied software systems of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (in Riga). The project goal was the consideration of expediency for implementation of a pedestrian area in the street of city centre with the existing street traffic. The article formulates some problems that occurred in the process of development and application of simulation model for analysing various scenarios; some possible alternatives of their solution are suggested.

An alternative of possible DSS architecture for managing TS in Riga is suggested; some requirements to the data handling and organization in the system are examined. Special attention has been paid to the problem of synchronizing the data handling of macroscopic and microscopic models of urban TS. The article formulates the requirements to organization of data transmission interface between macroscopic and microscopic data. The suggested DSS concept can be used when solving various problems of transportation planning.