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Sergey Korkin, Elena Korkina and Elena Kail


The research touches upon marsh landscapes in the context of temperature monitoring and in connection with exogenous processes during engineering intervention. The monitoring of temperature regimes was conducted in the mid-taiga subzone of marsh landscapes for revealing the dynamics of exogenous processes. The authors used the method of recording systems for the field measurement of the temperature of the peat and underlying soils. The measurements were conducted on a territory that belongs to the middle taiga landscapes of Western Siberia. The authors of the research analyze the data obtained from thermowells 5, 5a and 6. During the observation period of 2015-2016, the average annual temperature was 8.3 ºC for thermowell 5a (technogenic area), which is 3.8 ºC and 4.2 ºC higher than the average annual values of thermowell 5 and thermowell 6 respectively. The latter belongs to natural marsh landscapes. Observations conducted in 2016-2017 confirmed this fact with a difference of 4.8 ºC and 3.7 ºC for thermowells 5 and 6 respectively. As compared to natural marsh landscapes not affected by man-made impact, a higher temperature was observed on soils, which affects the manifestation of exogenous processes.