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A.H. Selçuk, E. Orhan, S. Bilge Ocak, A.B. Selçuk and U. Gökmen


The voltage and frequency dependence of dielectric constant є′, dielectric loss є″, electrical modulus M″, M′, loss tangent tanδ and AC electrical conductivity σAC of p-Si/ZnO/PMMA/Al, p-Si/ZnO/Al and p-Si/PMMA/Al structures have been investigated by means of experimental G-V and C-V measurements at 30 kHz, 100kHz, 500 kHz and 1 MHz in this work. While the values of є′, є″, tanδ and σAC decreased, the values of M′ and M″ increased for these structures when frequency was increased and those of p-Si/ZnO/Al and p-Si/PMMA/Al were comparable with those of p-Si/ZnO/PMMA/Al. The obtained results showed that the values of p-Si/ZnO/PMMA/Al structure were lower than the values of p-Si/ZnO/Al and p-Si/PMMA/Al.