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Cathaemasia Hians (Digenea, Cathaemasiidae) from Planorbis Planorbis (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in Reservoirs of Central Polissya

The paper presents the description of Cathaemasia hians Rudolphi, 1809 trematode found on the territory of Ukraine in an intermediate host, fresh-water molluscs Planorbis planorbis. We present also a comparison of metrical characters of the studied C. hians cercariae and those described by other researchers.


The paper summarises information on 11 species of trematodes parasitic in 9 species of wild carnivorans of Ukraine. The largest number of trematode species (9) was found in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Alaria alata (Diplostomidae) appeared to be the most common trematode parasite in the studied group; it was found in 4 host species from 9 administrative regions and Crimea.


Morphological and molecular data on the type-species of Chaunocephalus Dietz, 1910, Chaunocephalus ferox (Rudolphi, 1795) is provided based on material collected from the type-host, Ciconia nigra (Linnaeus), from Kiev Zoo, Ukraine.