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Sonja Prćić, Verica Đuran and Dragan Katanić


Vitiligo is an acquired, often hereditary skin depigmentation disorder, characterized by discrete, well-circumscribed, chalk-white macules or patches. It affects all age groups, but in more than half of the patients it occurs before the age of twenty, when self-image is being formed and social acceptance is of great importance. Although similar to the disease in adults, vitiligo in children and adolescents does have differences in epidemiology, association with other endocrine and/or autoimmune disorders, and treatment. This is a review of vitiligo in the pediatric population, emphasizing key differences with vitiligo in adults. According to the literature reports, we suggest that children and adolescents with vitiligo, especially non-segmental type, should perform annual screening for thyroid dysfunction, particularly for parameters of autoimmune thyroiditis.