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Dražen Kotrošan and Ena Hatibović


In the last 150 years, 49 raptor species belonging to the families Pandionidae, Accipitridae, Falconidae, Tytonidae, Strigidae and Laniidae have been recorded in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, little is known about their populations. In comparison with historical data, their status has changed significantly, while nine species became extinct or probably extinct as breeders. In this paper, data on the present status of raptor populations is presented, as well as problems and the possibilities of developing species monitoring in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, no raptor monitoring has been established in the form of a long-term programme. The establishment of such programme is hampered by a number of reasons (lack of observers, lack of financial resources, lack of experience and knowledge, etc.). Monitoring of raptors in Bosnia and Herzegovina is needed to improve knowledge of the local populations as well as to protect these birds and their habitats. Also, this programme would be significant for the studies concerning the construction of various facilities (e.g. wind turbines). One of the important points of the development programme is to mobilize international cooperation and projects to solve current problems