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Debashish Kumar Ghosh, Anukul Ch Mandal, Raja Majumder, Poly Patra and Gouri Sankar Bhunia


Present study investigated mapping and monitoring urban land areas from Landsat8 satellite data using remotely sensed indices. The normalized difference built-up index (NDBI), Enhanced Built-Up and Bareness Index (EBBI), Index-based built-up index (IBI), urban index (UI), normalized difference bareness index (NDBaI) were used to extract the built-up area. The NDBI was more effective at discriminating built-up areas and at increasing accuracy (overall accuracy of 76.45 % and kappa accuracy of 57 %) of the built-up density percentage than other remotely sensed indices. Evidence on built-up area change geographically would permit urban planner and decision makers to comprehend and appraise urban growth pattern in regards to land cover dynamics.