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Dmytro K. Voznyak, Dariia S. Chernysh, Volodymyr S. Melnikov and Stepanyda S. Ostapenko


Baddeleyite as inclusions in zircon crystals is described for the first time from the ore zone of the Azov zirconium-rare-earth deposit in the Volodarsky (Pivdennokalchytsky) syenite Massif in the Ukrainian Shield. The main admixture in the zircon containing baddeleyite is hafnium (0.68 wt%). The baddeleyite occurs in a substance that fills cracks and that probably corresponds to glass. The chemical compositions of four baddeleyite segregations, and of the hosting glass, are presented. The baddeleyite formed as a result of interaction between zircon and silicate melt with a low SiO2 content. The silicate melt formed under the influence of highthermobaric CO2-fluid flows on the rock.