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Mariana Zamfir, Marinela Daniela Manea and Luiza Ionescu


The decision of investment is a strategic decision and it is an integral part of the general policy of the company. The purpose of this paper is to present the manner in which the ROI (Return on Investment) indicator can be used in the analysis of investment projects.

Understanding the concept of investment is the first issue addressed. Then ROI is analyzed, highlighting the advantages and limitations of its use. They are addressed the aspects related to the manner in which the size of the ROI indicator is influenced by the method of valuation of assets, but also by the method of calculation of the working capital. The research results can be used by any investor to select based on ROI indicator, an investment project of several possible. As well, ROI may serve after completion of the investment to measure its profitability.

Open access

Angela Butnariu, Camelia Zamfir, Mihaela Iancu, Daniela Iacob, G. Samasca and Iulia Lupan

Background and Aims. Two-dimensional (2D) and Doppler echocardiography are the main methods for the non-invasive evaluation of ventricular function in children. Our study monitored the evaluation of systolic and diastolic function in pediatric patients, using classical echocardiographic parameters and pulsed tissue Doppler parameters, as well as the correlation between these.

Methods. The study included 18 healthy children and 9 children diagnosed with congestive heart failure secondary to congenital heart malformations. The parameters of systolic and diastolic function were measured by 2D echocardiography, 2D guided M mode, color and pulsed Doppler, as well as by pulsed tissue Doppler at the level of the mitral and tricuspid annulus.

Results. A relaxation alteration pattern or a pseudonormal pattern of E diastolic velocity compared to the A wave was found (E = A; E > A) in the group of subjects with heart failure. E wave deceleration time had significantly increased values in the case of patients with CHF, being correlated with diastolic dysfunction. Left ventricular flow propagation velocity Vp was decreased in patients with heart failure, the E/Vp ratio being maintained relatively constant in subjects with congestive heart failure and healthy subjects, most probably on account of the concomitant change in the E wave. Associations between the severity of systolic dysfunction and the diastolic dysfunction were found in pediatric patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure (Student test, p < 0.05).

Conclusions. Tissue Doppler measurements proved to be useful for the evaluation of pediatric patients with altered ventricular geometry secondary to congenital heart disease, systolic-diastolic dysfunction and heart failure.

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Antoni-Francesc Tulla, Ilinca-Valentina Stoica, Marta Pallarès-Blanch and Daniela Zamfir


The study compares the on-going naturbanization processes in and around two Natural Parks under the impact of newcomers, but also tourists from Barcelona and Bucharest and their metropolitan areas. The landscape value of these areas attracts the urban population, which contributes to local sustainable development process but also promotes construction. New businesses associated with rural multifunctionality and value-added activities related to environmental quality were identified. New residents have contributed introducing responsible patterns of consumer, ecoentrepreneurship by women, recovery of abandoned buildings and intensification of rural-urban relationships. Negative impacts such as intensive construction of second homes, with a lower use, in some areas around Cadí-Moixeró threaten biodiversity and habitat connectivity. Insufficient integration of environmental policies, particularly in the Comana wetlands, reduces the potential for rural renewal. Research methods included a review of the counterurbanization literature and the statistical data related to processes of naturbanization in both areas, along with the conduct of 30 structured interviews with key local actors in each area. Naturbanization still offers the potential to enhance local development; however, it is urgent to assess social perspectives in natural parks management in order to achieve environmentally friendly built-up areas.