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Lightlike hypersurfaces of an indefinite Kaehler manifold of a quasi-constant curvature


We study lightlike hypersurfaces M of an indefinite Kaehler manifold of quasi-constant curvature subject to the condition that the characteristic vector field ζ of is tangent to M. First, we provide a new result for such a lightlike hypersurface. Next, we investigate such a lightlike hypersurface M of such that

(1) the screen distribution S(TM) is totally umbilical or

(2) M is screen conformal.

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A simple iterative independent component analysis algorithm for vibration source signal identification of complex structures


Independent Component Analysis (ICA), one of the blind source separation methods, can be applied for extracting unknown source signals only from received signals. This is accomplished by finding statistical independence of signal mixtures and has been successfully applied to myriad fields such as medical science, image processing, and numerous others. Nevertheless, there are inherent problems that have been reported when using this technique: instability and invalid ordering of separated signals, particularly when using a conventional ICA technique in vibratory source signal identification of complex structures. In this study, a simple iterative algorithm of the conventional ICA has been proposed to mitigate these problems. The proposed method to extract more stable source signals having valid order includes an iterative and reordering process of extracted mixing matrix to reconstruct finally converged source signals, referring to the magnitudes of correlation coefficients between the intermediately separated signals and the signals measured on or nearby sources. In order to review the problems of the conventional ICA technique and to validate the proposed method, numerical analyses have been carried out for a virtual response model and a 30 m class submarine model. Moreover, in order to investigate applicability of the proposed method to real problem of complex structure, an experiment has been carried out for a scaled submarine mockup. The results show that the proposed method could resolve the inherent problems of a conventional ICA technique.

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