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M. K. Ammar and D. A. Oda


The goal of this paper is to find a combination of conical trajectories, using gravitational assisted maneuvers (swing-by), which perform the transfer from a nearby of the departure planet (Earth) to the vicinity of the arrival planet (Jupiter), making a closest approaches with Mars (flyby) to reduce the fuel consumption for the journey. A detailed description of the mission from Earth— Mars—Jupiter, that used this technique is presented. The table of flyby dates, altitudes of closest approaches is also included. A methodology known as the Patched Conics was used, where the trajectory is divided into three parts:

  1. Departure phase, inside of the sphere of influence of the departure planet,

  2. Heliocentric phase, during the journey between the planets,

  3. Arrival phase, inside the sphere of influence of the arrival planet.