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  • Author: Dănuț Iulian Stanciu x
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Dănuț Iulian Stanciu, Gheorghe Gheorghe, Daniela Cioboata and Aurel Abalaru


Harmonic analysis is a mathematical method that performs the determination (approximation) of continuous functions by the sum of ideal sinusoids. By selecting these sinusoids in a judicious way, in defining the methods of smart measurement of a part, it is possible to separate the geometrical elements of a part into geometric elements of the shape (circularity, eccentricity, etc.) of the geometric elements corresponding to the state surfaces. This article, using the research carried out under the doctoral thesis “COMPLEX STUDIES, RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTATION OF PRECISION MECHANICAL GEARING TRANSMISSIONS USING HIGH PRECISION HARMONICS METHODS ”, aims to perform an original work and thus to present and analyze the main methods of processing the data gathered in the process measurement of the parts made and used in mechatronic equipment by resorting to harmonic analysis.