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  • Author: Czesław Sikorski x
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Changing the philosophy of organization management in the times of e-economy


The paper highlights the fundamental changes in the way of thinking in science and the management practice caused by the transition from the era of industrial civilization to the information civilization. These include the change in the subject of management, i.e. the transition from the management of the organization to the management of joint projects; from the requirement of flexibility from own resources to the ability to use external resources and the departure from the methodological rationality of a decision to the material rationality.

The change of management philosophy is particularly evident in the electronic market which sets a new and interesting research area, due to its cognitive appeal resulting from different conditions in comparison to the traditional market, and due to the high dynamics of development.

The article is theoretical and its purpose is cognitive. Its subject is a fragment of the author’s concept of the evolution of management in the organizational space. It presents the synthesis of observations on the transformations of the essence of management. To undertake such a research task is motivated by the argument that one of the tasks of management science is to visualize the changes that take place within it, in order to induce the revision of anchored old cognitive patterns inadequate to reality and replace them with new, described by an appropriate conceptual apparatus.

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Hyperflexibility A feature of e-commerce organisations


The paper is sacrificed analysis of conditions organizational activity on e-commerce business and desired ways of management. Organizations on e-commerce business must be hyper-flexible because of stormy environment and high level of competition. Hyperflexibility means ability to creating new organizational forms so as to realization of different projects collaboration with other organizations and utilizing strange resources. The main condition of Hyperflexibility is pragmatic organizational culture and such its attributes as confidence, tolerance and fluent identity.

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