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  • Author: Cheng-Guang Sun x
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The design and implementation of planar multi-way differential power dividers remain a challenge in terms of the compactness and especially, for the achievable characteristic impedance of the quarter-wavelength transformer when considering large number of outputs. In this work, the double-sided parallel stripline is recommended to realize such a power divider with out-of-phase outputs, and explicit design methods are provided. The proposed multi-way power divider was developed without the use of lump elements on a single substrate. For system applications, a prototype operating at 41.6 MHz with 12 pairs of out-of-phase outputs that utilize the microstrip line as the output interfaces was fabricated and examined. At the center frequency of 41.6MHz, the developed prototype measured insertion losses akin to 14.3 dB as compared with the theoretical data of 13.8 dB. The attainable impedance bandwidth ranges from 10 MHz to 80 MHz under a magnitude imbalance of ±0.3 dB. The isolations of the adjacent outputs are about 13.1 dB as compared with the theoretical values of 14.428 dB, and are better than 34 dB for more distant ones. Parameter measurements are in good agreement with the numerical predications, thus demonstrating the realization of the proposed multi-way power divider.