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Nongnapat Jirawutthinan, Ouyporn Panamonta, Sumittra Jirawutthinan, Chatchai Suesirisawat and Manat Panamonta


Background: Onset of puberty has shifted toward a younger age in the 21st century. The useful pubertal assessment in the individual child must be based on recent and reliable reference data from the same population. However, currently representative pubertal data for Thai girls are lacking.

Objective: We determined the current prevalence and mean ages at onset of pubertal characteristics in healthy urban Thai girls in Khon Kaen Province, northeast Thailand.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out between January and July 2011. Five hundred and three schoolgirls aged 7 to 16 years were enrolled. All were in good physical health. Stages of breast and pubic hair development were rated on girls by Tanner’s criteria. Assessment was performed by a trained pediatrician. Data on menstruation were collected by the status quo method.

Results: Median (range) ages of the onset of thelarche and pubarche were 9.3 (7.8 to 13.4) and 10.8 (8.9 to 14.5) years, with the mean±SD of 10.1±1.2 and 11.6±1.2 years, respectively. One hundred and eighteen girls had experienced menstruation. The median (range) age of menarche was 11.2 (10.0 to 14.0) years. Mean age was 11.6±0.8 years. The mean ages of pubarche and menarche decreased from the previous study significantly (p <0.001).

Conclusions: The secular trend in decline of the ages of pubarche and menarche were observed in urban Khon Kaen Thai girls. These data can be used as the reference of normal pubertal development in Thai girls in Khon Kaen to determine precocious or delayed puberty.

Open access

Noppol Kiatsopit, Ouyporn Panamonta, Chatchai Suesirisawat and Manat Panamonta



There is variation of the age of onset of puberty in a population. The secular trends in the timing of pubertal development have decreased in some parts of the world.


To determine the age of pubertal development in healthy Thai boys in Khon Kaen, Thailand and compare it with that in previous studies of Thai boys.


A descriptive, cross-sectional study was performed in 316 school boys aged 5–16 years between May and July 2011. Development of the genitals and pubic hair was determined by Tanner staging, and testicular volume was assessed using a Prader orchidometer. All boys were examined by a male pediatrician.


Genital stage of puberty in boys occurred at a median age of 11.3 years and a mean ± SD age of 11.3 ± 1.3 (mean ± SD, range 8.0–14.9) years, and pubarche occurred at a median age of 12.8 years and a mean ± SD of 12.5 ± 1.2 years (range 9.1–14.9) years.


No secular trend towards earlier age at pubertal onset for gonadarche in Khon Kaen boys, but pubarche seems to be later than found in previous studies in Thai boys.