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Charles Chinwuba Ike


The Fourier sine transform method was implemented in this study to obtain general solutions for stress and displacement fields in homogeneous, isotropic, linear elastic soil of semi-infinite extent subject to a point load applied tangentially at a point considered the origin of the half plane. The study adopted a stress based formulation of the elasticity problem. Fourier transformation of the biharmonic stress compatibility equation was done to obtain bounded stress functions for the elastic half plane problem. Stresses and boundary conditions expressed in terms of the Boussinesq-Papkovich potential functions were transformed using Fourier sine transforms. Boundary conditions were used to obtain the unknown constants of the stress functions for the Cerrutti problem considered; and the complete determination of the stress fields in the Fourier transform space. Inversion of the Fourier sine transforms for the stresses yielded the general expressions for the stresses in the physical domain space variables. The strain fields were obtained from the kinematic relations. The displacement fields were obtained by integration of the strain-displacement relations. The solutions obtained were identical with solutions in literature obtained using Cerrutti stress functions.