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Neuromarketing as research method contrbutes to understanding consumer behavior a step further than traditional marketing research. The aim of the current study is to explore the usability and cognitive understanding of banking services webpages. In this regard, the theoretical part of the article reviews the relevant literature related to neuromarketing as research method and the use of eye-tracker as research technique. Further on, a two-step research design was developed for studying the consumers’ attention and memory during and after viewing two Romanian banking services websites. The results showed that the way information is structured and presented on the webpages influence their usabiliy and cognitive understanding.


Culture is one of the most important aspects of being human alongside education. A very interesting way of approaching the issue of culture is understanding the importance of the art in everyday life. Alan Peacock, one the first pioneers of the term cultural economy, was a man of the arts who understood the importance of culture, not only in life, but in economy. Many writers in the 1960s identified some opportunities in engaging in the cultural and arts industries. As we know, cultural goods have an economic value and an artistic value. The evaluation of artistic goods or products is made only after it is consumed by clients or customers. The world of cultural services is large and forgiving with non-professionals. The use of cultural policies in today’s European Union, United States of America and Asia is very important because of the positive spillover it causes. Creating cultural policies and dedicating funds specifically for this started in the 1980s with the implication of UNESCO. Cultural policies not only help preserve cultural sites and heritage, but offers a broader strategy that envelops both cultural goods and cultural services. The cultural marketing concept refers to the art of using marketing tactics and strategies in order to promote and develop the cultural and artistic industries or sectors. The same instruments are used but the way in which they are used is very different. The performing arts sector is ever changing and it needs a new marketing mix approach to connect to new audiences. Artists need to work closely with business and management professionals in order to have the best representation off stage.