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Cong Lin, Wuxin Li, Cengceng Fang, Qidan Wu, Hucheng Xie, Deliang Xu and Bizhi Xu


The formation mechanism of regularly arranged tubular pores during an acid-based electrophoretic deposition (EPD) process was explored by studying the influence of gauze electrodes and suspension properties on the pore structures. The gauze electrodes can change the intensity of electrical field on the electrode surface, and thus control the pore locations. The mesh size not only restricts the ultimate pore size, but also determines the regularity of the pores. Under specific experimental conditions, a critical value of mesh size for attaining the regularity of the pores arrangement can be determined. Meanwhile, the pore structures can be controlled by a combination of pH value and zeta potential of the suspensions. The strength of the acidity is also one of the determinants to the final structures.