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  • Author: Carmen Cristina Surdu-Bob x
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Histological Assessment of an Experimental Model of Human Osteomyelitis in Rabbits


The aim of this paper was to present a histological evaluation of the treatment performed on a humanmodel of osteomyelitis induced in rabbits. Osteomyelitis was induced in rabbits by a human strain of Staphylococcus aureus injected in bone defects created in the rabbit tibia. There have been created five groups of animals, groups receiving treatment in two different stages of the disease, acute and chronic. Copper and silver sub-millimetre-particles were introduced in the same place with the Staphylococcus solution. Evaluation of installation and evolution of the disease was done by clinical, hematological, microbiological, radiological and histological monitoring. A separate study of histological data is presented here. Histological examinations performed by HE was done on 5 μm sections of uncalcified bone. Every examination was classified according to a system of score. The results of histopathological evaluation confirm that histological analysis is a powerful tool in experimental models of this disease.

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