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Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Active Signage At Pedestrian Crossings


The paper presents findings from research project Mobis which is aimed at developing a method of assessing safety of unsignalised pedestrian road crossings using video image analysis. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic has been recorded at selected zebra crossing sites in Warsaw and Wrocław, before and after installation of active signage systems SignFlash and Levelite. Speeds of approaching vehicles were measured and drivers’ behaviour was classified using video analysis.

The paper presents a comparison of effectiveness of systems such as SignFlash and Levelite based on changes in the mean and standard deviation of vehicle spot speeds as well as changes in speed profiles of vehicles approaching the crossings.

Results indicate that both SignFlash and Levelite active signage reduce mean vehicle approach speeds and have a positive impact on drivers’ behaviour.

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Static and Dynamic Parameters of Railway Tracks Retrofitted With Under Sleeper Pads


The paper presents results of the laboratory tests made for the prototype resilient under sleeper pads in the Warsaw University of Technology laboratory unit. These pads are dedicated to reduce vibrations transmitted to the vicinity of the railroad and to improve the resistance of the railroad structure. The laboratory testing program was carried out for elastomeric materials (polyurethane and rubber based) due to the PN-EN 16730 standard. The obtained values of the key parameters were used in order to determine the insertion loss vibration level by applying analytical method. The paper presents the influence of selected parameters i.e. static and dynamic moduli on the reduction of vibration and structure-borne sound level.

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