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Tadeusz Groń, Magdalena Piątkowska, Elżbieta Tomaszewicz, Bogdan Sawicki, Piotr Urbanowicz and Henryk Duda


Polycrystalline samples of new scheelite-type tungstates, Pb1−3x xPr2xWO4 with 0.0098 ⩽ x ⩽ 0.20, where denotes cationic vacancies have been successfully prepared by a high-temperature solid-state reaction method using Pr2(WO4)3 and PbWO4 as the starting reactants. The influence of the Pr3+ substitution in the scheelite framework on the structure and optical properties of prepared new ceramic materials has been examined using powder X-ray diffraction method (XRD) and UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy. The results of dielectric studies of Pb1−3x xPr2xWO4 samples showed both low values of dielectric constant (below 14) and loss tangent (below 0.2). The electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power measurements revealed a low conductivity (∼2 × 10−9 S/m) and the sign change of thermoelectric power around the temperature of 366 K suggesting the p-n transition. These results are discussed in the context of vacancy, acceptor and donor levels as well as the Maxwell-Wagner model.