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Vasile Jitariu, Bogdan Rosca and Constantin Rusu


Through this study, “Pedo-climatic risks over Fălticeni city related orchards”, we intend to conduct a study that highlights the way that a number of parameters such as climate and soil, through their evolution, may be considered a risk factor for orchards nearby Fălticeni city.

The analysis of potential risk factors was conducted in direct relation with the of dominant species from studied area, which are apple (Malus domestica) and plum (Prunus domestica).

From a climatic perspective, there were taken into account two parameters, temperature and rainfall, to see if they can induce a risk status in the studied orchards and as soil factors that were taken as parameters in our analysis are: soil reaction, carbonates of calcium and the ground water level, which are, at the same time, indicators that impose the most common restrictions over the studied plantations.

Open access

Paula Ionilă, Ruxandra Jurcuţ, Nicoleta Ferariu, Monica Roşca, Monica Chivulescu, Adriana Mursă, Sebastian Militaru, Alin A. Ionescu, Cristina Căldăraru, Ana G. Fruntelată, Silvia F. Goanţă, Simina Crișan, Adina Ionac, Ana-Maria Avram, Attila Frigy, Radu Sascãu, Cãtãlina Arsenescu-Georgescu, Ioan M. Coman, Bogdan A. Popescu, Carmen Ginghină and Eduard Apetrei


Introduction: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a disease with increased LV wall thickness not solely explained by abnormal loading conditions, with great heterogeneity regarding clinical expression and prognosis. The aim of the present study was to collect data on HCM patients from different centres across the country, in order to assess the general characteristics and therapeutic choices in this population.