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  • Author: Bogdan Fijałkowski x
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A New Fuel-Injection Mechatronic Control Method for Direct-Injection Internal Combustion Engines


In this paper, a novel fuel-injection mechatronic control method and system for direct injection (DI) internal combustion engines (ICE) is proposed. This method and system is based on the energy saving in a capacitance using DC-DC converter, giving a very fast ON state of the fuel injectors’ electro-magnetic fluidical valves without an application of the initial load current. A fuel-injection controller for the DI ICEs that provides a very short rising time of an electromagnet-winding current in an initial ON state of the fuel-injector’s electromagnetic fluidical valves, which improves a fuel-injection controller reliability and simplify its construction, is presented. Due to a number of advantages of afore -mentioned fuel-injection mechatronic control method and system, it may be utilised for the DI ICEs with fuel injectors dedicated to all types of liquid and/or gas fuels, for example, gasoline, diesel-oil, alkohol, LPG and NPG.

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