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Barbara Osiadacz and Roman Hałaj

The aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on Campanulaceae in Poland

The paper deals with the relationships of aphids and their host-plants of the family Campanulaceae (bellflower family). The survey was conducted in xerothermic habitats during the years 2008-2010. A total of 84 plots were examined in the western, southern and eastern parts of Poland. The aphids were collected in 28 plots (42 records). As a result, 4 aphid species feeding on 6 different host plants of Campanulaceae were confirmed.

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Barbara Osiadacz and Mirosław Kręciała


The paper provides data on the first locality of Ophrys apifera Huds. s. str. in Poland. Information about its geographical distribution and ecological features is given. A newly discovered population, found in a worked-out dolomite quarry near Imielin (Silesian Upland), is described and illustrated, as also, O. apifera is compared with O. insectifera L.

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Roman Hałaj, Barbara Osiadacz, Tomasz Klejdysz and Przemysław Strażyński

Viteus vitifoliae (Fitch, 1885) a new species of aphid in Poland (Hemiptera: Aphidomorpha: Phylloxeridae)

The grape phylloxera [Viteus vitifoliae (Fitch, 1855)] is reported in the Polish fauna for the first time. Adult females and galls are described, and information on its biology and distribution is summarized and commented on.