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  • Author: B.Y. Abubakar x
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The epiphytic bryoflora from northern Nigeria has been reported. Host specificity was shown by the recorded species in which pH value accounted for the marked variation in composition. Erpodium coronatum (Hook f. Wilson) Mitt. is the most abundant epiphyllous moss while Fissidens glauculus C.Mfill. was noted to be growing on a particular tank wall substrate. Other common bryoflora encountered include Brachymenium leptophyllum Bruch & Schimp ex Mull. Hal, Fabronia angolensis Welw. & Duby, Bryum coronatum Schwaegr. and Hyophila crenulata Guim. Senna siamea showed the highest species richness of three bryophyte species whereas the remaining tree species supported less. Generally the studied bryophytes showed a considerable preference to different host trees. This therefore suggests the need for careful management of the tree species growing in the University campus which will help in conserving the local epiphytic bryophyte community for enhanced biodiversity richness.