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Bărcăcianu Florentina and Apostol Liviu


Temperature inversions are characterized by negative vertical thermal gradients (Donciu, 1953, Ţâştea, 1965, Bogdan, 1971, Neacşa, Frimescu, 1981). The most frequent manifestation is in the depression areas because in addition to radiative cooling and better possibility to store cold air invasion, it also takes place the accumulation and of air flow of cold air due to gravity. The area south of the Carpathians, shows depression features, gaining titles like: carpathianbalkanic bucket (Bălescu, 1962), carpathian-balkanic sink (Ion-Bordei, N. 1988). In this space the inversions occupy the entire area, proof being the values from low altitude stations similar to those from mountain peaks, while the middle part of the slope remains wormer.