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  • Author: Aurora Anca Poinescu x
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With the development of industry have made efforts to improve the performance of braking systems of motor vehicles on public roads. The choice of materials used for coupling brake system involved the development of new materials that meet safety requirements in circulation. During braking of any vehicle, due to the friction created between the disk and pad, temperature rise occurs with negative effects on the process of slowing down the vehicle. Mechanical and thermal stress being put on the brakes is very high. Due to overheating, brake discs and pads may warp or crack, and the material they are made may their change its structure. These defects give rise to vibrations and noise during braking, to reduce the coefficient of friction, reduce the effectiveness of the braking mechanism. This paper proposes a study regarding the thermal stresses effects of brake mechanism on the disc material of a car Dacia Logan. It proposes a theoretical model to calculate the temperature that occurred during the operation of the braking system and experimental analysis on the influence of temperature on the brake disc material.


The aim of the paper was to develop a device (“pin-on-disc” type) for the measurement of friction in plane friction couplings with sliding movement. On tribometric device (made in our laboratory) we can measure the friction force, friction coefficient and wear, for different loading conditions, speeds, time and material coupling.

For the measurement of the frictional force as well as of the coefficients of friction, mainly the method with a resistive tensiometric transducer is used. With a DataQ DI 245 data acquisition board it is possible to record up to 2 kHz frequencies in the range of -10 ÷ +10 mV with a resolution of 13 bits. To test the functionality of the device, a preliminary test was carried out for a steel pin- on- cast iron disc, for different values of the normal pushing force. The device was calibrated and the measurement results were recorded and processed on the computer.